T H E S I S # 2

The governor who asked our Jesus, “What is truth?” should have stayed around long enough for the answer. (“When [Pilate] had said this, he went out again.”)

Lord Jesus is responsive to the seeker of truth. He taught truth, He preached truth, He prophesied truth, He defended truth, He demonstrated truth, He exemplified truth, He was truth. But Pilate didn’t want truth, not sufficiently.

As His love and as His truth, God’s generosity is an unfailing wonder. Previous to sending His Son to preach truth, His love compelled Him to send prophets to proclaim His words, knowing most would reject those life-giving words, knowing His sent-ones would encounter the wrath of the controllers. And before Lord Jesus ascended He commissioned the eleven to take spiritual truth to the nations, and by His Spirit He has prepared and commissioned preachers to relay the wisdom and salvation of our God to each and every generation. Yes, spiritual truth is available. Yes, God dispenses truth generously.

Pilate obviously pondered that question – “What is truth?” – prior to his encounter with The Divine. Pilate’s problem is our problem: We want more, but we don’t want more enough to get more than what we have. Yes, we wanted more more than Pilate wanted more; the poor guy didn’t have sufficient truth to save him from eternal perdition, and we did. (A good time to say, “Thanks be to God!!”)

But when we get to that secure place we are now headed, oh how we will wish we had accepted more of God’s truth, and this includes those who have more than most. Understand that having truth isn’t knowing truth or understanding truth. Having truth is embracing known truth. It is truth we build our lives upon, this by God’s grace.

While we will regret truth ignored, we will rejoice over truth embraced. More truth, more rejoicing. Less truth, less rejoicing. All will be eternally wealthy, but some wealthier than others. That’s the way it works.

Because we have been given “the Spirit of truth”, spiritual truth is as available as He is. This Sent-one is eager to impart truth to sent-ones, to “he who has ears to hear”. But He is limited by our free will. The closed heart gets nothing, the fearful heart and the divided heart get little, the receptive heart gets some, the hungry heart gets more, and the desperate heart gets much.

We each have the amount of truth desired. Exactly.