T H E S I S # 1

Though many (most?) are most concerned with truths that don’t matter much, spiritual truth is relevant to all. It’s that kind of truth this thesis is referencing.

Truth can’t change because it’s unchangeable. The truth about God, man, angels, salvation, heaven and hell, though beyond our ability to fully understand, is steadfast and immovable, more so than that great rock man has named Gibraltar.

Everything tangible on planet earth is changing – teens evolve into adults, Mom will soon be Grandma, the house across the street will look much different in a hundred years, trees grow, flowers fade, iron rusts. And most intangibles are susceptible to change – determination dwindles, love is fickle, faith fades, emotions bounce. But truth (that is, spiritual truth) is a foundation that can be confidently built upon.

Truth will not fade, nor flee, nor blow away, nor self-destruct. It will be here in all our tomorrows in its original state. Truth is as unchanging as God…. because God is truth. Yes, as “God is love”, so God is truth. Our Father is truth, the Lord Jesus is truth, and “the Spirit of truth” is truth. As God cannot change and become someone different than who He is, truth cannot change and become different than what it is.

Even non-spiritual truth (if there is such a thing) changes not. A thousand years ago two plus two equaled four; today two plus two equals four. Forever gravity will pull down, never up. Forever H2 plus O = water.

Truth is as it always was, and it will always be unchanging. Before we were, God was good; eons from now God will be good. Truth is something everyone can build their lives upon. It will not crumble, it will not devalue. Truth is not like the impregnable fortress that was conquered, nor like the unsinkable ship that sunk, nor the unbeatable team soundly skunked. Mightier than lies, more powerful than a tsunami, brighter than sunshine, truth will not go down.

This thesis – truth will never change – is solace for the thinking person. Forever we can find refuge in the unfailing consistency of truth.