T H E S I S # 21

Adam, before his fateful flub, had it pretty good. But not as good as us. Not only did God recover for us all that was lost, He added more. Our future is better than the best of Adam’s past.

Though Adam lived in serenity, our serenity will surpass his. Heaven is much more awesome than the earth Adam ruled. What will it be like to live in a sinless land where the lion lies down with the lamb? We will soon find out.

There are many people, though relatively few, who have gone to heaven and returned to tell us about it. They all say the same thing, even those who make their living with words: Heaven is indescribable.

‘Indescribable’ is the only adjective that rightly describes heaven.

Adam’s “garden of Eden” must have been awesome…. magnificent…. astounding. But not indescribable. Those giving a report about ‘the other side’ all profess an inability to portray the awe and wonder of our future home. “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” Before us, just around the bend, is a life so wondrous as to be beyond human ability to comprehend.

It would be so good if we could have just a peek of heaven…. a quick visit to what will soon be our permanent residence where “the Lamb is its light”…. just a few minutes surveying the holy angels and purified saints and grand vistas….. momentarily submerged in the actual presence of our Most High God. Surely our passion for Lord Jesus would be turned up a notch or two (or five or ten).

Many do not believe one’s salvation can be lost, even the one living carelessly and selfishly. There’s an argument for and against such a thesis. But surely it is insanity for the one who experienced, in fullness, the actual presence of our Lord and King and Savior and Creator to drift from the protection of The Good Shepherd. Sanity would never chance the loss of such a great salvation.

And as good as our future is it can be made better. Much better. Because we will be rewarded for faithfulness. As angels have various degrees of glory, so do heaven’s saints. Your rank (station, position) will not be determined by Christ, but by you. Consider: your obedience on earth (and lack thereof) establishes your eternal rank in heaven.

And consider: The quality of relationship you have developed with the Lord Jesus Christ will be eternally established.

Obviously, if we will be rewarded for faithfulness we will likewise “suffer loss” for wavering. Lord Jesus instructed us, “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth.” Yet most whose names are registered in “the Lamb’s Book of Life” diligently “lay up for [them]selves treasures on earth.” Temporary “treasures on earth” cost eternal “treasures in heaven”. A wise christian lives for tomorrow.

Earth time seems like a long time, but it isn’t. Paul speaks of life on earth as “a moment”. If time here is a moment, time there is a millennium. Our single moment actually determines the quality of life for the millennium. Yet most live, not for the millennium, but for the moment. Now that’s real dumb.

Sometimes The Word says things beyond comprehension. How could we possibly be “heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ”? What is God’s is ours. Angels are not heirs, not the mightiest. But we are. We are “joint heirs with Christ” and with each other. Who can fathom such generosity?

What more could God give? Who could improve His salvation?

We are actually “the righteousness of God” in Christ Jesus. Selah. (Think about that.)

We are justified, as if we never sinned. Selah.

We will be glorified, just as our Lord was glorified. Selah.

We have been made holy. Selah.

Our “body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.” Selah.

Christ abides in us, as does the Father. Selah.

God has “blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ.” Selah.

Thank You, Father. Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You, Holy Spirit.