T H E S I S # 53

Thirty reverends from throughout the city, representing various denominations and associations and whatevers, are gathered for their monthly luncheon. In their midst is one person who has correct doctrine. The rest are comparatively inferior.


They need this person’s insights more than he needs theirs simply because they have yet to arrive at his lofty understanding on almost every issue. His insights should be enviable, but the others, to their detriment, do not realize his superior caliber, and therefore do not give him due deference.


Sad. Their christianity would be greatly enhanced if they would contain their own compulsion to express, and become his audience. Gladly he would pour his insights into his brothers to realign their faulty perspectives – if only they would simply trust him.


Who is this brazen one of thirty who thinks so highly of himself?


To that question all thirty would all give the same answer though all thirty would disagree with all others.




Their answer is…. me.


Proverbs 21:2 (NIV): All a man’s ways seem right to him.


‘Me’ thinks: Obviously if I had an insight less than accurate I would have already made an adjustment. But I haven’t made an adjustment because, obviously, there is no such need. Therefore, obviously, my understanding on any given issue must be correct. Obviously.


Many of us are the same, our “ways seem right to” us, even when they’re not. Our security is our correctness, our reputation hinges on being right and, therefore, balk when opposing views are expressed by those less discerning. We are not as teachable as we think.


A common possession of many of the thirty is a pulpit. From here they can inform the less informed, correct the misinformed, and set them on a truer course. Since their perspective is loftier than most, it would be folly to trust their beloved and prized pulpit to an inferior.