T H E S I S # 65



It’s a mistake to think you can change yourself. And it’s a mistake to think God will change you without your okay. He needs your repentance.


Repentance will release the power of God on your behalf. Repentance is the door into sanctification.


Sanctification, then, is the accomplishment of two. Sanctification will not come unless you do your part. You will not do your part unless you have a deep desire to be separated, separated from the world and separated unto Him. The needed desire will come as you consider the beauty of your Christ and the consequences of careless living.


It is wise and right to want a better life. Sanctification (“Be holy, for I am holy”) will usher in that better life. So…. repentance is the door to sanctification, and sanctification is the door to a better life than the one you have.


Sanctification does not come in fullness in an instant. Actually, it doesn’t come in fullness this side of heaven. Only a perfect man can be fully sanctified. What we pray for is increase, to intermittently be lifted to higher realms of sanctification. Separation is the Lord’s doing, doing what we cannot do. What we can do, and must do, is cooperate.


We cooperate by repenting. We are to be quick to repent when the Holy Spirit, in due time (in His time), reveals a fault or weakness or sin in our lives.


When we became Christ’s we deposited ourselves into His care and lordship, clay in the Potter’s loving and capable hands. He lifts us from “glory to glory”, from the life we have to a better life…. and then to a better life…. and then to a better life.


A better life is available to all. But what does better look like?


Paul lived a better life than most, and his better led to martyrdom. Same with most of the eleven. Jesus led a perfect life, resulting in His crucifixion. Better is not tension free, is not leisure, is not approval and acceptance.


Better is more fruit. Better is more love and joy and peace and purpose and answered prayer. Better is, probably, improved health of the body and, most certainly, the soul. Better is more adventures in God, more of the supernatural. More than that….


Better is more of Jesus, and thus more of the Father, and thus more of the Holy Spirit.


Better is loftier than who we now are, and what we do and accomplish. Better carries on into eternity, never fades, is never stolen.


The fact that better is always available to whosoever will go for it is an incredible display of God’s incredible love.


You must know, better comes slow. Don’t get discouraged. Continued increase is for the diligent and determined.


A better life awaits the repentant. Those refusing to repent are stuck where they’re at.