T H E S I S # 74

For those who did make their own study on tithing, and found no similarity between God’s tithe to the jews and the tithe of evangelicalism imposed upon evangelicals, you have inadvertently proved the entire (or almost entire) evangelical ministerial to be unqualified to give leadership to God’s people.


I know, I know…. that wasn’t your intention; you just wanted to check out their claims regarding the tithe. And yet you did expose either their lack of understanding or, worse yet, their collective dishonesty.


Think about it….


Could you trust the math teacher who teaches ten times ten equals ninety? Or the babysitter caught stealing change? Or scientists who believe we are descendants of the ape? Or the inspector known to accept bribes? No, they have proved to you their judgment and/or integrity cannot be trusted.


The young man went off to Bible school to obtain certification, this to convince you his understanding of Scripture is way above yours. He could never challenge such a key teaching as tithing – that would threaten his career. So he betrayed common sense and the loyalty we all have to truth. Eventually he became your pastor, but his loyalty to you has always been secondary to those who endorsed him. You are dispensable; they are not. He passed on to you the same whopper he swallowed as a student, betraying the trust you have in him and those he bows to.


What other conclusion is there? It is not possible nearly 100% of the ministerial could collectively agree God has made them the equivalent of the Levite priests, and God somehow and at some time made the local church His “storehouse”, and God now wants His children (“heirs of God”!) to entrust ten percent of their income to other children, and He will curse “with a curse” those disobedient to this strange decree endorsed by no New Testament person.


Depositing unwarranted trust in man is making a withdrawal from our trust in our Lord Jesus. Our trust in Jesus is displayed by our faithfulness to the Bible every evangelical declares to be “given by inspiration of God”.