T H E S I S # 81

This is not a trifling matter. If pursuing Christ is not the determined and proclaimed goal of the HC a lesser agenda will be nursed. Keep in mind christianity’s major flaw and detriment is an impoverished affiliation with Christ. No christian is Christ-less (relationally speaking), but most christians are Christ-impoverished (relationally speaking). It isn’t easy to remain vitally attached to The Vine while being part of a christianity that isn’t.


Before me is a very good life. Before the house church is a very good life. This spiritually rewarding life may never be captured, but it’s there. Few find it, but it’s there. Only those wanting it sufficiently will enter, this with jubilation. To get it, I must see it and want it and know it is attainable.


To get it, the HC must see it and want it and know it is attainable.


The best thing the HC can do is influence each other to long for this higher life in Jesus. This is a most holy and worthwhile agenda. No other objective will bear such an abundance of good fruit.


We make each other thirsty for more of Christ by preaching Christ to each other. By simply talking about Him. By publicly expressing gratitude. By quoting those words in red. By declaring His rightful lordship over our lives.


By bowing before Him in humble earnestness. By loving Him. By wanting Him sufficiently. By expressing His greatness. By prospecting His character. By singing praises unto Him. By reminding each other He is here.


By fiercely guarding His lordship over the group. By reminding each other we are His sent ones. By praying to Him. By symbolically eating His body and drinking His blood in memory of Him.


By expressing appreciation for Calvary. By lingering at the cross. By a collective holy hush when He manifests His presence. By giving Him permission to woo us deeper into who He is by His precious Holy Spirit.


By obedience. By enthusiasm. By preaching to each other “Jesus Christ and Him crucified”.


This holy endeavor of a HC should be clearly stated. Visitors should know, “Here, we magnify the Lord. Here, we are sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Here, we await the Lord Jesus to manifest Himself.”


Christians, whom we can see and touch and hear, cannot be esteemed above Christ, whom we cannot see and touch and hear. It’s not about me, it’s not about us, it’s about Him. “The first and great commandment” is to love God, not each other.


Getting along cannot trump getting Christ. Unity is a fruit of Christ-centeredness, but only with the Christ-centered. Fellowship with each other must be secondary to “fellowship of the Spirit”.


As every good thing will abound to the one who abides in the love of Christ, every good thing will abound to the group that collectively abides in His love. For ‘me’, greatness (in Christ) is attainable. For ‘us’ greatness (in Christ) is attainable.