T H E S I S # 95

Lord Jesus, I hear Your call to “Come to Me, all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Lord Jesus, I come to You now in sincere prayer.


Lord Jesus, I certainly am heavy laden, as are all who live independent from their Maker. I accept Your Great Invitation to abide in You, and I consciously and deliberately sever all other attachments by which I have attempted to draw pleasure and nourishment, that I might be connected to You alone, “the true vine”.


Lord Jesus, I repent of a selfish and self-centered life, and all my immorality expressed in so many deviant ways. Please forgive me.


Lord Jesus, You said, “The one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out.” Sir, I come to You now. I come to receive You and Your great salvation, trusting You will add my name to “the Book of life”.


By an exercise of the free will You have given, I choose You as my one and only Shepherd. I choose to always be the sheep grazing near his Keeper. I choose to never stray from Your love and care.


And I choose You as my Redeemer. Though I will endeavor to please You, I will never consider good works as part payment for my redemption; that would be stupid indeed. I place my trust in You alone, what You have accomplished on my behalf.


And I choose You as the one and only Savior from the consequences of my many sins. I trust You to save me from hell, and to usher me into heaven when life on earth passes.


And I choose You as my Lord. I understand there is a huge difference between the christian who follows christians and the christian who follows You, the Christ. Lord, by Your grace I will never be a follower of men. I acknowledge You alone as “the head of the church”. As such, I will take orders from You as expressed by the Holy Spirit. I will endeavor to live in harmony with “the brethren”, to have a heart to submit, and to consider others better than myself. But You alone will I serve. You alone will I obey.


And I choose You as my King. Yes Lord Jesus, from this moment forth I actually have a King! And as “King of all kings”, I choose You as my object of worship. May I worship You with more than words; may I worship You with obedience.


And I choose You as My Teacher. As men preach, I will try to discern Your voice, Your wisdom, Your instructions. And Lord Jesus, I bow to The Word, and will pay special diligence to the words in red. My Bible heroes will be those who loved You most and sacrificed their lives for Your purposes.


And Lord I choose You as my Sanctifier. I choose to be Your set apart one, to be elevated from glory to glory in holy living.


Now my Lord, I sincerely ask You…


Protect me from compromise by daily pouring abundant grace into me. Help me to be the overcomer You call us to be. May my life bear much fruit, because it is much fruit that glorifies the Father.


Lord Jesus, the Bible teaches You resist the proud, and give grace to the humble. May I always choose humility. May pride disgust me thoroughly.


May I never sin the sin of ingratitude. May the cross always be before me as a compass and great treasure. And if You should call me to preach may my main theme always be “Jesus Christ and Him crucified”.


Make me more than a convert. Fashion me into a faithful disciple. May insincerity and frivolity be far from me always.


Send people into my life who give You first place. I will be discipled only by those who do not bend the knee to man or things. Give me “ears to hear” that I may know what You are saying by the Holy Spirit through my brothers and sisters.


Lord Jesus, should I fail You and the Father, should I grieve the Holy Spirit, I will not be the stupid person who hides in shame, but rather the wise prodigal who quickly returns repentant to the loving, caring Father.


Lord Jesus, into Your hands I fully commit my life.